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Creator Of The Brand

Hey Ladies, I am Jordan, the Proud creator of Pour'di Aromas.

The inspiration for our company name came from my childhood nickname, 'Jordi Pordi'. my mum used to call me that, and still does actually. the spelling of was changed to Pour’di to reflect the business as all of our products are hand-poured. If you say it in a Jamaican accent, you will understand what I mean, My husband and I were married in Jamaica, it's a very special place to me.

Every time i see our company name, i actually read the word 'proud'.

Our journey began in a candle making course for a bit of fun. From there we started creating samples to try out, experimented with packaging and sprinkled some glitter on the top.

Our Wax melts are highly scented and will fill your room with a luxury aroma. They are made using natural soy wax and quality fragrance oils and packaged Plastic Free.

My dream is to build a company where women feel that they can come and feel good about themselves. Raising two daughters has empowered me to be a champion for women and I am passionate about supporting other women. Together we do amazing things!

Enjoy our Wax Melts, Enjoy your home and feel good about it. You deserve it!

Best Wishes,

Jordan @ Pour’di Aromas

The Pour'di Pillars

Pour'di Aroma Pillars. The Values that underpin our company