Our Story

Hey, I'm Jordi the creator of Pour'di Aromas.
I'm a mum of two girls, a wife to James and the human to Arnie the Sausage dog. You will see lots of behind the scenes, a real life stories over on our Instagram Page
James helps us behind the scenes with packing orders and taking them to the Post Office, ordering supplies and keeping me in check.
Rosie is our Pour'di Assistant, she works on the weekends to pack all of the wax melts and makes sure that our Inventory is kept up to date.
Sinead is our Email Marketing Strategist, she helps us to develop our Marketing strategy and with implementation.

How Our Journey Began

Pour'di Aromas opened for business in April 2019 whilst I was on Maternity leave after having my second daughter. I went to a candle making workshop with my mum for Mother's day and fell in love with the art of wax making. It was the moment in my life that I began to re-prioritise what was important in my life and my vision for the future. My vision to build a future, something that paths the way for my daughters to grow up, learning from me, realising how important it is to have dreams & goals. Most importantly for them to witness me building it right in front of their eyes. I want to empower them to build their own futures in a way that they choose.

Our Name

I get asked all the time how our name Pour'di Aromas came about, whether it's French and how to spell it.

Choosing a business name isn't easy, I wanted it to have a story but not be too personal that it wouldn't be professional. When I was a little girl, my mum called me 'Jordi Pordi'. I thought straight away that I could change the spelling of the word Pordi to reflect the fact that everything is hand Poured in the kitchen.
It's pronounced Pour-di-aromas, and it's definitely not French 😁

I initially designed a logo with Jordi Pourdi Aromas. It was like that for about a week before we launched but something just didn't feel right, so I dropped Jordi.

Our Products

When the business began, wax melts were our main product line until we launched our first candle collection in August 2019. Over the last 2 years, we have developed and improved our recipes by testing new waxes and wicks, until we were happy with a combination that creates the highest quality for you. Our product collection has expanded over the last 2 years and now includes our bestselling Flower Diffuser that has got people talking all around the country.
Since 2019, we've been bringing beautiful aromas into your home, hand poured in our Somerset Kitchen, where we have developed our products through thorough testing and sourcing of the best ingredients. Whether you're a lover of traditional fragrances or luxurious scent combinations, we have something for you. We hope they make you feel amazing in your home, as they have been intended.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via InstagramFacebook or Email