Loyalty Cards

How it works

On your first order, we will issue you with a Pour'di Aromas Loyalty Card, with its' first sticker.

Every order over £5 will qualify for a sticker. You will get a little 'Pour'di aromas' sticker attached to your invoice. This will need to be added to your loyalty card.

When you fill your cards with 5 stickers, you are entitled to a free pack of melts on your 6th purchase.

How to claim your FREE melts

When you make your 6th purchase, you are welcome to include a message with your order, requesting a scent of your choice. If that scent is in stock, we will include a pack of wax melts in your order. If they are not in stock, or if we don't receive a message from you, we will choose a scent for you randomly.

Pour'di Aromas will not be liable for any lost stickers.

If you lose your card, please request a new one from pourdiaromas@gmail.com. We cannot guarantee that we can add the stickers back onto the card.

We make a note of how many stickers have been issued and will know when to issue the free melts to you.

Don't forget our Refer a Friend Scheme and receive 15% off your next order!