It's Candle Season

Blended and poured by hand in the Pour'di kitchen, our recipes have been tested to ensure the cleanest burning candles with the finest ingredients.

Our Journey with Candles began at a Candle Making Workshop 18 months ago. We learnt how to make Container Candles, Pillar Candles and Beeswax Candles.

Since then we have been learning to perfect our Candles by testing different waxes, wicks, oils, jars, we have now found the ideal recipe that works for us.

Our vision was to create clean burning, natural candles that not only look beautiful in your home but can be reused afterwards

What is CocoSoy?

We use a Soy and Coconut wax blend for our candles. It is a premium and more expensive wax, that gives a brilliant scent throw and a creamy white finish to your candles. Coconut wax is an eco-friendly choice as the oil is easily harvested from coconuts whilst Soy wax is slow burning, making your candles last longer.

Autumn Scent Collection

This Autumn, we have chosen the most beautiful selection of Scents for you across all of our Candle Collections.

Fruity Dark Plum & Rhubarb
Luxurious Tonka Bean & Myrrh
Creamy Cashmere Vanilla & Salted Caramel
Seasonal Cinnamon Apple Spice
Ripe Black Raspberry Vanilla