Inspired by Household

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Our wax melts have been handpoured using 100% Natural Soy wax and high quality fragrance oils.

Inspired by Household range includes;

FloZora Bluebell Woods Inspired by Zoflora Bluebell Woods

FloZora Linen Fresh Inspired by Zoflora Linen Fresh

FloZora Mountain Air Inspired by Zoflora Mountain Air

FloZora Springtime Inspired by Zoflora Springtime

Fresh Unstoppable Inspired by Lenor Unstoppables - Scent Booters

Spring Awakening Inspired by Lenor

We use Glassine pouches to package our wax melts and they are 100% Biodegradable.

Each pack contains 5 heart-shaped melts in your chosen Fragrance. Each heart will fill your room with the scent for up to 12 hours*.

Pack Weight Approx: 44g

Individual Melts approx: 8g

*This will largely depend on the type of burner you use as some get hotter than others and the scent is stronger and burns quicker, therefore won't last as long.

{Please note that our melts can be used in electric warmers, however because they don’t get as hot as a tea light burner, the scent throw will be more subtle. It is also possible that you’ll notice the wax turning into a type of jelly/sludge, this is due to the wax not reaching its’ Ideal melting point and is perfectly normal. We sell tea light burners in an array of designs if you prefer to treat yourself to a stronger scent}