Coffee Shop Collection Wax Melts

Create the ambience and rich Aromas of a coffee shop, in your own home with a delicious selection of wax melts.

The Coffee Shop Collection includes;

Toffee Latte - A creamy blend of coffee, toffee & toasted marshmallow.

Apple Pie - a hot baked apple pie with juicy apples, brown sugar, cinnamon & a buttery crust

Baked Cookie - Rich, comforting warm aroma of sweet freshly baked cookies. A delicious combination of cookies, coconut, vanilla and rich cream.

Birthday Cake - A novel scent of mouthwatering birthday cake, depicted by a blend of fresh fluffy sponge, encasing whipped double cream & fruity strawberry jam. Finished off with a layer of sweet smooth pink icing and a generous dusting of icing sugar.

Caramel Fudge - rich, heavy & sweet homemade fudge aroma

Cookies & Cream - our version of the popular 'O' chocolate sandwich cookies with a creamy frosting center

Lemon Meringue Pie - A true and simple accord combining the subtle sweetness of lemon curd with hints of soft sweet meringue, vanilla and a cake base

Pure Vegan-friendly, Natural Soy Wax Melts, blended with high quality, strong fragrance oils and packaged in Biodegradable packaging.

Each pack contains 5 heart-shaped melts in your chosen Fragrance. Each heart will fill your room with the scent for up to 12 hours*.

Pack Weight Approx: 44g

Individual Melts approx: 8g

*This will largely depend on the type of burner you use as some get hotter than others and the scent is stronger and burns quicker, therefore won't last as long.

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