Diffuser Refills

100ml Refills for your Flower Diffuser, to allow you to top up with the fragrance you currently have.

Our diffuser fragrance is a blend of a non-toxic, natural base which is made from soya based renewable sources, along with the same high quality fragrance oils as our wax based products.

You will recieve a mini funnel with your refill bottle, to help you to pour. When removing the Flower, please wear gloves and place the flower onto Kitchen Towel to protect your surfaces.

Scents available:

Passionfruit Martini

Rhubarb & Wild Mint

Orange and Bergamot

Cloudberry & Lychee

Linen Fresh


Rhubarb & Rose

Thai Lime & Mango

Madam Coco

Snow Angel

Black Cherry

Rose Wonderland

If it is a new scent you are looking for, please purchase a new Flower Diffuser, to ensure that you receive a brand new Flower which is unsaturated.

If your current flower needs replacing, please contact us directly to verify that you have purchased before and we can arrange for you to purchase a new flower.

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