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The rising cost of living...
Let's be honest, this saying is everywhere at the moment. Prices of food going up, gas and electric bills going up, national insurance is going up. We cannot escape it. With so much uncertainty in the world right now, there is every chance that we could see wider impact with our economy.
Since Brexit & Covid, we have noticed a slow and steady increase of our supplies here at Pour'di Aromas, particularly with those that are shipped in from overseas. With the price of shipping containers now 4x higher than they were pre-covid, supplies and goods are so much more expensive than we remember.
Until now, we have managed to cope with swallowing these costs with our profits but unfortunately we now need to react to the ever increasing costs and ensure that we are in a position to continue bringing you beautifully scented products. 
With this in mind, from Friday 4th March we will be increasing the purchase price of some of our products. We have done our best to ensure that these increases are kept to a minimum.
BUT it's not all doom and gloom because we are embarking on a wonderful journey to continue expanding our product range. We know you are just as excited as we are to build on the foundations of our beautiful company.
I am excited to share with you some new launches coming up this week!!
Mother's Day Gift Boxes
A date for your diary - 27th March
With 4 weeks to go before Mothering Sunday, we are launching these beautiful Wax Melt gift boxes tonight, Sunday 27th February at 7pm.
Each box contains a white ceramic heart wax burner, 3 packs of Pour'di Wax Melts which you are free to choose and a botanical ceramic hanging sign. These are so cute, they have mum quotes on them which makes them perfect for the occasion. 

We are happy to send this directly to mum with a special note if you need us too. Just leave us a message when you check out.
We have been talking about adding Home Decor items to our collection, for quite some time now. We are excited to announce that we have a sample collection of Home Accessories and Vases for you, launching on Friday 4th March at 7pm.
Initially we have small quantities of each design to understand what styles you like.
Our vision for this collection is to keep it classy, sophisticated and luxurious. 
We hope that you fall in love with every piece, just like we have!
Here are some sneak peak of some of the pieces launching on Friday...
TV Drama - Trigger Point 
I must admit, episode 2 is a little bit slow but stick with this series, it's so gripping! I am already planning my Sunday evening around this at 9pm on ITV. It's really tense and dramatic 


House Plant - Devil's Ivy

I am often asked for help with house plants (I am not a pro, just obsessed with them). Devil's Ivy looks so pretty in a hanging plant holder and trails down like Rapunzel. In fact, mine is called that and we have just propagated some cuttings and potted them, now called Pascal. The girls are OBSESSED! Devil's Ivy is really easy to care for, happy with a shady spot in a bright room and doesn't need huge amounts of water. Simple and beautiful.


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