Time for Reflection


'Allows us to appreciate the positive experiences and gives us opportunity to identify ways to improve'
Pour'di Aromas turns 3 this week and for me, this is a huge mix of emotions. What a ride it's been so far!

The Early Days

It all started with a Candle Making workshop that mum and I attended for Mother's Day, as something to do together. I fell in love with the art of candle making and decided I wanted to do something with it.
I created my logo on a logo designer app, created my own website and opened for business officially on 12th April 2019. I attended craft fayres with James throughout the summer to showcase our new business and build a customer base in Taunton.
Sales were steady to start with but I was amazed that people were buying the products I made in my kitchen, and then coming back for more.
These were our products before we rebranded in July 2020...


Our business really took off during Lockdown 1.0 and our monthly sales tripled. During our busiest month, we had over 190 orders! It was absolutely mad! I drafted James into the business to help with packing orders, Rosie worked with us every weekend to help keep on top of stock levels and I worked super hard to cut down our processes and help us to become more efficient.
We rebranded during 2020 which enabled us to 'level up' and provide a more sophisticated & chic look to our products. I wanted to move away from the handmade look and make our products look more 'shelf-ready'.
Whilst the lockdown/covid-19 period was great for our sales, it proved really tough on my mental health. The constant battle of finding suppliers when stock was in high demand, trying to keep our most popular lines stocked, made it very stressful at times. Due to the number of wax melt businesses opening up, our suppliers struggled to keep things in stock such as wax, candle jars, diffuser bottles, packaging etc. We were up against it to keep producing our products and also to ensure that we didn't resort to using products containing plastic, which is something I always felt strongly against.
 I must admit I struggled with not being able to be in control of everything and it really forced me to rely on others to help scale up the business. Tapping into expertise to help with marketing and understanding how business works.
I could never imagine how hard running a business would be, before I started.
Many people make it look so easy but you never get to see what it's truly like from the inside. It's a constant rollercoaster or emotions. Huge highs and super low lows.
Having said all of that, here I am going into our 4th year of trading and not giving up.
These are the 'not so glam' pictures from behind the scenes...
The Road Ahead

 The cost of living crisis has meant that everyone is more worried about their finances, along with everything else that seems to be happening in the world, we just aren't thinking about spending out on luxuries as much as were before.

On the flip side of that, we have never needed to think about our mental health and wellbeing more than we do today. Those little moments to our self where we enjoy a good book, in the bath, with a candle lit, have never been more important. So spending out on the little luxuries isn't lavish, it's a necessity sometimes.


Wellness Collection

 We are still developing our wellness collection which isn't quite ready yet (sneak peek down below) as I am quite a perfectionist when it comes to our products. This collection will be the most natural product range we have done, bringing you essential oils with a spa like feel to them. You can register your interest in this collection here and be the first to hear about when it goes live.

Pour'di Decor

We have launched our gorgeous collection of Pour'di Decor pieces. Beautiful vases for your faux or fresh flowers & chic styling pieces for your coffee table.

The collection is sophisticated and stunning.

Shop here


We will continue to bring you blog posts and newsletters each week, packed full of hints & tips. As we develop on our journey to discover what wellness truly means, you are coming along with us!

A sneak peek of the new Wellness Collection, coming soon...

Thank you for your continued support!



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