Thinking of everyone this Mother's Day

For the new mums and soon to be mums.
For the Single mums and the step mums.
For the Angel mums and the desperate to be mums.
For those who chose not to be mums and the fur baby mums.
For those who don't have their mums.
Today is about you ALL
We are giving you the chance to treat yourself this week

Get your home ready for spring with some new flowers and our beautiful Flora Vase.
Flora's beauty is in her uneven opening which creates depth and texture with a modern twist.

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No code needed!

Jordi's faves this week
Here are some of my recommendations for you this week.

Film: Deep Water - Amazon Prime
This is the first film in a little while that I actually watched all the way through. Such an easy watch, plus Ben Affleck is in it, making it much easier to watch!
Wishing you a wonderful week ahead! 
If you are feeling overwhelmed with life stuff right now, just know that you are not alone. I definitely feel it too. When I feel ready to, I find talking really helps to release some of the stress.

Love Jordi x

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