The Story of the Flower Diffuser

Once upon a time, there was a fragrance loving woman, who set about to create a home fragrance brand. 
She wanted her creations to show some personality and be just a little bit different.
After 6 months of planning, designing and testing thoroughly, the Flower Diffuser was born and quickly became a rising star.

The Flower
The flowers, come all the way from our supplier in Thailand. She makes them by hand for us whilst managing to find time around her young family. Supporting her aligns fully with our values, as champions of women who wear multiple hats in life and still trying to wing it in motherhood.
They are made from sola wood, which fully absorbs the fragrance, in the same way that bamboo reed sticks do in a traditional reed diffuser. The difference with the flowers is that once they're fully saturated, you don't have to do anything with it for the scent to be released. That means no more flipping the sticks around! However, we do recommend that you carefully swirl the bottle every couple of days to freshen up the scent but this isn't essential as you will still be able to smell it.
The only downside to the flowers is that they absorb the colour as well as the scent of the oil in each fragrance. With this in mind, the flower can start to look a little yellow with certain scents after a little while. That's why we recommend that you replace the flowers when you refill your bottle.
The Fragrance
We make our diffuser fragrance at Pour'di HQ. A strong scented blend of fragrance oil and Augeo, a non-toxic and sustainable solvent, which enhances the performance of the fragrance oils and releases a strong scent that lasts ages! 
You have to be really careful not to place the diffuser bottle directly onto polished surfaces because any drips of oil will strip paint or polish. We supply funnels with the refills to minimise accidents.
The Refill
Refills can be purchased separately to save you purchasing a whole new flower diffuser every time. You may wish to purchase a flower with each new refill too. We recommend ensuring that you replace the flower at least every 2 refill bottles and also if you change the scent.
Do you love a freebie?
This week is all about our Flower Diffusers. Putting them back into the spotlight, in their rightful place.

With every Flower Diffuser purchase this week, we are including one of the Ceramic Hanging Sign for FREE! Making it the perfect Mother's Day or Birthday Gift.

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Jordi's faves this week
Here is my recommendation for you this week.

TV Series: Our House - ITV
This series is so gripping, I've really enjoyed it this week. Definitely watch it if you want a gripping binge-watch!
Wishing you a wonderful week ahead! 
I hope you manage to carve out some time for yourself this week. If it's to go to a fitness class, have a hot bath or even read a book.

You deserve it!
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Love Jordi x

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