Take time to focus on YOU


Everybody benefits from the best version of you

I am a huge advocate for taking time for your self. And before you think it, NO, it's not selfish, it's self-care!
It creates a sense of self-worth and calm in this chaotic life we live in where everyone has easy access to you. It benefits everybody when you are feeling your best self.
Whether it’s working out, reading your favourite books, taking a hot bubble bath, burning wax melts and relaxing on the sofa, having a weekend away drinking cocktails with friends, developing your career and having success at work.
Whatever you enjoy in life, do more of it. And do it for YOU!

Why do we feel guilty?

As a parent, our children’s needs are often put way before our own. Time is so precious, especially with young children because they need us so much and it’s hard to get that respite. But it’s essential for our mental and physical health, to take time out for ourselves.
The thing is, you have to prioritise that time. You will never just have the time, you have to make it.
When James and I both decided we wanted to live an active lifestyle, we had to figure out a new routine. This meant we had to compromise on other things. We don’t spend as much time together in the evenings and the housework definitely isn’t always done. But we both get OUR OWN time and it benefits each other too!

4 Things I regularly do for myself:

I train 2 nights a week in the gym, straight after I finish work, meaning I get home later those nights so James cooks dinner. After the girls are in bed, James then goes out to do his workouts which he does 3 nights a week. Then on a Saturday morning, I get up early to go to Bootcamp. James does his 4th session on a Sunday morning.
Making time to exercise was the best decision I make. I feel stronger, healthier and happier. It's done wonders for my stress levels too.
It’s always been a ritual of mine to take my make up off at the end of the day and take good care of my skin. I always go upstairs 20 minutes before bed to complete my skin care routine. It makes me feel refreshed before bedtime and is something that I enjoy. 
I've recently started a new skincare journey, where my friend Emma AKA @themetabolicfemale, is treating my skin pigmentation. Through a course of resurfacing facials, the pigmentation is beginning to disperse and it's balancing out my skin tone. Not only this but it's giving me the confidence to go completely BARE FACED with NO make up! I honestly never thought this would be possible.
Emma has kindly offered anyone who follows me, 20% off their skin treatments if they are referred by me. If you follow her and get in touch, let her know you've found her through Pour'di Aromas.
Taking care of my houseplants
They are mostly in my lounge where the mess is kept to a minimum (the only room in the house I might add). The green colour makes me feel so tranquil and peaceful in my crazy, chaotic home. A little Haven.
Learning about different types of house plants and how to care for them has become a hobby for me.
This year, my obsession over plants has extended to the back garden. The effort I have put in already this year, to make it look really beautiful out there is evidence of how much I enjoy it. It definitely a sign of getting older! 
Sunday night bath
I started this in lockdown 1.0 and now it’s something that I do to set me up for the week ahead. Nowadays it’s needed to ease my aching muscles from working out – HAHA.

A BIG thing I am doing for myself:

Glastonbury Festival
One of my biggest passions in life is music. I have such a varied taste of music and there is nothing better to quench this than going to Glastonbury. There is so much going on, it's the biggest festival in the UK.
This year I am attending, by myself, alongside 600 others volunteering for Shelter the housing and homeless charity. I am proud to be representing a cause that works incredibly hard to improve the standards in this country and fights for everyone's right to have a home.
I will be dedicating my time, working in the bars and have to do 3x 8hour shifts, with the rest of my time there to enjoy the festival.
This is a big deal for me for a number of reasons;
  1. I literally don’t know anybody, and my first mission is going to ask someone to help me put my tent up!!
  2. I have never worked in a bar before, I am usually someone drinking in them!
  3. It’s a long time to leave my girls, James and my sausage dogs. I’m there for 6 days and it’s going to feel like a lifetime
Despite all of the things I am nervous about, I am doing this for me. I just love music, good energy and life itself. I am looking forward to soaking it all up.
Plus, It’s a challenge, and something that will push me out of my comfort zone. All too often we sit inside our comfort zones and it prevents us from growing as human beings.

Shipping Update

Whilst I am at Glastonbury, our website will remain open but it's important to note that orders placed after Sunday 19th June, will be shipped after 28th June.

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