Music is food for the soul


It's been so long

To anyone who has a love for live music, the last 2 years during the pandemic has been torture. Crowds have been a big NO NO because of Covid.
But just like that, we are back to times where we are allowed to come together and not fear for our health any more. Instead we can enjoy the beauty in being surrounded by tens of thousands of people, all enjoying a good time!

Getting together with the Mums

The 5 of us met at the school gates when our little ones started school and during those lockdown / home schooling days, we bonded over outdoor pizza & wine nights and having a break from the kids.
Yesterday we went to see Ed Sheeran in Cardiff at his = tour.
We ate Sri-Lankan food, we drank cocktails and danced to 90's music, we sang our hearts out to Ed and we stopped off for McDonald's on the way home.
It was the best day ever!
Check out our video!

Music just does something

I don't really know how to explain it. But music just does something to me. I completely lose myself and feel completely free when I am listening to live music. When the crowd sings the songs, you can hear the entire stadium roar with euphoria.
When I was younger, I used to watch Glastonbury on the TV with my dad, year after year. BBC used to allow you to press the red button and select which acts you wanted to see as they played across the weekend. There was something so incredible about being able to see artists live on the stage. Before I was old enough to experience it myself, I knew I belonged in the crowd.

Volunteering for Shelter @ Glastonbury 2022

I’ve been to Glastonbury twice now, fortunate enough to be able to get a ticket. This time around, not so fortunate with a paid-for ticket but I managed to get a space volunteering.
You will find me working behind the bar. Only 3 shifts mind you, and the rest of the time is my own, to enjoy the energy and music that Glastonbury Festival has to offer. I feel incredibly lucky that I get this opportunity.
Shelter is a charity, on a mission to make sure everyone has a home. I am dedicating my time to work in the bars for this special cause. I am looking forward to a new challenge as I have never worked in a bar before. There are 600 of us volunteering, I don't know anyone yet!
Shelter (charity) - Wikipedia

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