Living in the moment


Making Plans

I must admit, I really struggle with this.
I'm a planner. I'm always trying to plan things for the future, having something to look forward to. I like knowing that things are going to be OK, almost like I have a bit of control over my life.
The thing is, nothing really seems to go to plan. If the last 2 years has taught us anything, it's that. So if I spend most of my energy pinning my happiness on a future that might not even work out as planned, am I ever going to be happy?

Being Present

What I have learnt, is that when you live in the present moment, you are much happier. You can appreciate life for what it is and be grateful for the things that matter most. 
My children have definitely taught me just how fast time goes. You blink and you miss it. But really enjoying life in the moment, when it's so hectic and you feel like you just need something to look forward to, is so hard.
And that's when I slip back into my old habit of planning. 
Planning a holiday, planning a date night, saving up for a new car, you get the idea. Almost like happiness is somewhere else, in the future.

What can you do to be more present?

For those of you who are forward planners or past time dwellers, Here are some practical things you can do:
Meditation is all about sitting with yourself, as you are and controlling your breath. Focussing on how it feels when you inhale, drawing in all of the negative energy away from your mind and exhale to relax your body.
Notice your surroundings
Simply going for a walk in nature, listening to the birds singing away, looking at the blue skies and the green, beautiful plants and shrubs. It makes you feel at peace.
Be grateful for the things you have now
If you have food, a home and people around you who love you, you have won the lottery! If you are constantly thinking about what you want in the future, you miss out on the joy of the things you have now (the things you once wanted in the future). Try writing down 3 things you are grateful for each day.
Put your phone away
Taking time away from social media, constant comparison of your life with someone else's and the damage this causes to your mental health and happiness. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the present moment and will help you with all three of the above.
I hope you have a lovely week and take more time to live in the present moment, I am going to start by spending less time on my phone.
What will you do?

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