Growing our business through referrals

When I first opened for business in April 2019, the first customers of ours were mainly friends and family. I completely expected this because everyone I knew wanted to support my new business venture and strangers just wouldn't know whether to trust the brand or not.
During that summer, we attended multiple summer fetes and fayres, where we had a stall to showcase our products and for customers to buy on the day. This was the start of our business growth. Those customers would come back to us and buy online, bringing their friends along with them.
Something incredible was happening. We were growing really steadily and customers were loving our products. So we decided to launch our loyalty programme and our refer a friend scheme.
Fast forward 3 years and I can honestly say that the only consistent marketing strategy that works for us, is rewarding customer loyalty and asking for referrals. Whilst this is a slower rate of growth, it's an organic one and it works really well for us because it's steady and controlled (which is also much better for my mental health, I might add!!).
So far, we have grown from 0 to 880 customers, without regular paid advertisement. This has saved us so much money in marketing and allowed us to transfer that budget back to the pocket of our customers.
Why am I telling you about this? Because we are hoping to scale up the business throughout 2022 and would love it if you could help us by shouting out about our products and in return we will give you 15% off for every friend you refer to us.

Refer a Friend Scheme

How the scheme works:
Every time a customer recommends Pour'di Aromas to a new friend, we reward them with 15% off their next purchase.
The more friends they refer, the more codes they will get. When you have collected all 10 codes, they will be rewarded with a personalised discount code of their own, to use for life
If you think a friend of yours may have missed your name when they checked out, let me know and I can investigate this for you.

Loyalty Card scheme

How the scheme works:
On the first order, a loyalty card is issued, along with their first sticker. Each time a customer spends £5 or more, another sticker is added to their account and we attach it to a compliment slip to be added to the loyalty card.
Collect 5 stickers, and on the 6th order customers will receive a free pack of melts. We will randomly select the pack of melts unless we have been asked for a specific scent.

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