Get your home Spring Ready ūüĆŅ

Spring is in the Air 
I don't know about you but I have definitely felt the excitement for the change in the season over the last couple of weeks.

The windows are opening to let the fresh air in, laundry is braving the outdoors and we are in spring cleaning mode.
If you're craving that freshness with something new in your home, we have some Spring product inspiration for you this week.

Pour'di Decor
Gorgeous pieces to spruce up your living room or bedroom.

I've been wanting to introduce Home decor to our brand for a number of years now to compliment our home fragrances.

This collection is all white to reflect a classic and sophisticated look. Add your favourite fresh of faux flowers to bring out your individual style.

I've selected 6 stunning pieces for you as a sample collection, to get a feel for what items you fall in love with.

15% Off - Introductory Offer
This week's Product of the Week will really lift your mood. 
With 18 fresh, floral spring time scents for you to choose from, there is no excuse for you not to throw those windows wide open and do a hoover dance.
 After all, everyone LOVES lighting a wax melt when they've finished their Hinch list. 



 Jordi's faves this week
Here is my recommendation for you this week.

Skin Care Product: Tropic - Glow Berry
I recently ran out of this serum and waited a little while to buy it again to check the difference in my skin. The results are crazy! Within a few days, my glow has come back, overriding the dullness that I get when I break out. It's my number 1 beauty product and so worth the money! 
Wishing you a wonderful week ahead! 
Every time I turn the news on, my stomach is in knots. All of those poor innocent families, their lives have been ripped apart. Count your blessings this week and hold your loved ones tight. We are the lucky ones right now.

Don't forget our Positive Affirmation Phone Wallpaper is available to download for FREE!

Love Jordi x

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