Everything you need to know about Wax Melts

What are wax melts?

They are little shapes of solid wax, containing fragrance oils which are used in tealight or electric burners. Due to how hot the burner gets, the scent throw is impressive and known to completely fill the room with gorgeous fragrance for about 4-8 hours, this will largely depend on the type of burner you have. As you get 5 heart shaped melts in our packs, it makes your obsession with wax melts, an inexpensive hobby!

Wax Burners

As mentioned above, the type of burner you have will affect the average burn time of your melts.
The distance between the tealight and the bowl at the top, will determine how hot it gets and therefore how quickly the scent burns off.
Basically, the smaller your wax burner, the hotter it gets and your melts don't last as long.
Likewise, if there are no holes in your burner, it's likely to get really hot and therefore will burn the scent quicker. Whether that be due to decoration (see Tokyo pictured below) or because there is a hole at the back to insert the tealight (See Nico pictured below).
Electric burners don't work as well as tealight burners in terms of scent throw, because they don't get as hot and sometimes don't fully melt the wax melt. Some people prefer them because they can be left on without being a fire risk and deemed a bit safer. We don't currently stock electric burners.

How we make our wax melts

We use a premium soy wax that initially comes in flakes, this gets melted down to a liquid form in a wax melter.
We use a melter that has a metal tap on it, but we started off melting on the cooker in an aluminium melting pot before moving to a slow cooker. Both worked well when we made small batches at a time as we didn’t need much wax but when we started pouring about 8 packs of each scent at a time, we had to invest in a wax melter to make life easier and save time.
Once the wax is melted to the correct temperature, we pour into a plastic jug which is when we add the fragrance. We have to wait for the wax to cool slightly, then we add the fragrance oil before stirring for around 60 secs to make sure that the oil and wax binds properly.
With a steady hand, we pour the wax mixture into our heart shaped moulds and allow to cool so that we can sprinkle them with glitter.
Rosie, our Pour’di Assistant, packs our wax melts for us. We use glassine pouches to pack our melts because they are biodegradable.

Cleaning your wax burner

 When it comes to cleaning your wax burner, we recommend the following techniques, you can watch them in action below;
The Pop Out Technique
The Cotton Pad Technique

Over 50 Scents available

We have grouped our wax melts into collections such as Perfume, Bath & BodyBoutique, Signature etc. There is a wide range of scents and something for everyone to choose from.

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